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In today’s episode of About Your Mother, we speak with Sugar Taylor, a woman who exudes a ray of light. Sugar is a self-taught creative dynamo. She is a person who has battled anxiety and depression throughout her life and uses her creative energy as a means of healing. Her zest of life, spirit, resourcefulness, and all-around being will blow anyone away.

Endless River Of Creativity

Sugar briefly describes her personal story with her own mother. She shares how her mother continues to inspire her. Further, she hopes her story will encourage everyone to tap into their own creativity. 

Additionally, she advises listeners to pay attention to the small things happening around their lives and within the universe. 

It may take you a few months, but the only thing separating you from anything you want to make is the skill. Skills can be learned, but the talent is within you. - Sugar Taylor Share on X

“You have to accept that. It’s about accepting that you have the talent first.” – Sugar Taylor

Creative Process To Healing

Sugar opens up and shares past experiences that led her to become the self-taught dynamo she is today. She discusses how the power of the mind can enable anyone to learn anything they set their mind to. Meditation, reading one’s body, and the creative process helped Sugar heal and work things out internally.

She also mentions art therapy classes for those people who want to escape and carve out time in their lives to channel their creativity. 

“The whole point is about carving out and making time for what makes you happy. It’s about what could potentially open your mind to something else. It can even be about healing and just about having a great deep conversation with other people.” – Sugar Taylor

Opening Your Creative Power

Sugar advises people who don’t believe they are creative beings. She says they need to step outside their negative mindsets and think of ways to discover the creative power inside. The personal journey of discovering one’s creativity can be difficult, but this can become an extension of happiness and contentment in life. 

I believe some people are naturally born savant and prodigies. They are just born amazing, but that doesn’t mean that the rest of the population is not. You just have to figure out that one thing you want to do and be honest with yourself. This can be something you’ve always secretly been passionate about” –  Sugar Taylor

To know more about how you can tap into your own creativity, listen to this episode. 


Sugar Taylor is a self-taught multimedia designer.She has been living in her passion as a full-time multidisciplinary designer for the past 10 years, as the Co-Founder and Creative Director of the award-winning D.C based firm Taylor and Hov.

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