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Jennifer Griffith is the founder of the About Your Mother podcast and has been writing and pursuing curiosity as a career for more than 20 years. A notable interviewer with a background in public speaking, she's a content creator focused on honoring the complexities of motherhood, family, and the unique experiences that shape our lives and identities.

Within its first year, About Your Mother climbed to the top 10% of podcasts. The stories shared by guests have impacted listeners worldwide, even connecting families of Holocaust survivors living on different continents. 

In her newest season of About Your Mother, titled What Happened Then, Jennifer focuses on the decades before Roe when millions of unwed women surrendered their babies under societal pressure. 

Guests on her podcast include notable actors, screenwriters, educators, influencers, producers, thought leaders, New York Times bestselling writers, and more to highlight our ubiquitous connection to our past and how it shapes our future. 

Jennifer’s blog series, Leaning Out, explores her experience with infertility and its influence on her leaving a technology career. It has inspired many, having been featured in and The Project for Women. 

Her lived experience with generational trauma, familial secrets, and the hidden history of adoption is the inspiration for her work. Her blog and podcast attracts more than 30,000 visitors per month.

She received her English degree from Washington State University, obtained writing certifications from the University of Washington and Stanford, and attended many notable writing workshops. She is a member of the writing group Unleashed with Julie Barton and a veteran of the Beautiful Writers Workshop with Linda Sivertsen.

With more than twenty years of experience writing, selling, marketing, and public speaking, Jennifer's broad base of skills reinforces her platform as a thought leader in the complex world of familial relationships.

If we understand where we came from, we have a better understanding of where we are going.

Professional Associations


Writing Unleashed with Julie Barton

Carmel Writing Retreat, Beautiful Writers Group with Linda Sivertsen

The Nantucket Project
, Fellow

Left Margin LIT, Member

Project Mentor, Mentor

Women’s National Book Association,
Bookwoman Correspondent

Creative Nonfiction: Stanford, Continuing Education

Technical Writing and Editing Certificate:  University of Washington

Bachelor of Art, English: ​Washington State University ​

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