My Mother Inspired Me To Build Platforms To Empower Women And Girls | Lauri Levenfeld


Our next guest for About Your Mother is Lauri Levenfeld. She is a playful spirit and has a never-ending commitment to the female voice. Jennifer and Lauri collaborated together in the past on projects, but most recently, Lauri debuted an award-winning film called Mad World.

Using her distinctive eye and straightforward and real words, she has built platforms to share and extend the work of other women. Her inspiration came from none other than her mother. We hope you enjoy this conversation as Jennifer and Lauri talk about female empowerment/voices, the power of community and representation of female voices in Lauri’s film.

In a world of perfect fairytales, Lauri Levenfeld embraces life’s fair share of mess and empowers women through art and storytelling. Share on X

Tribute to Lauri’s Mother

Lauri describes her mom as one of the most giving, empathetic people she knows. Lauri shares how her mother always goes out of her way to make others feel good and lift them up. As a child, Lauri constantly experienced the incredible acts of love from her mom. 

“My mom has no ego. She never took credit for anything she accomplished. Her intention and giving was just to give and her inspiration in life to care for others and make their lives as easy as possible.” - Lauri Levenfeld Share on X

Filming Mad World

Jennifer describes how poignant and beautiful Lauri’s ability was, to be able to create a film during the pandemic. With all of these restrictions around filmmaking, she applauded Lauri on crafting the film. She also went along her framework and intention based on her mother and crafted a film that gives a voice to women.

“No matter where we are in life, we really have to hone in on our inner selves to propel us forward.” – Lauri Levenfeld Share on X

Looking Through Quarantine Differently

Lauri also mentions in this episode how another friend, Nicole Sassaman, curator and celebrity designer in LA., has helped her greatly to facilitate her ideas for Mad World. In fact, Nicole was a big proponent for looking at quarantine as a incubator, as an actual asset and a positive place to hone ideas and concepts.

“We both got together and said, let’s just go for this.’ We want no fear approach. Whatever we’re channeling, and whatever we come up with as a collaboration, we’re going to go no holds barred. She really has that incredible way of looking at things…there’s just nothing holding you back.”- Lauri Levenfeld

To learn more about Lauri Levenfeld, filmmaker of Mad World and her creative journey in discovering herself and empowering women through her art, download and listen to this episode. 


Prolific creative, Lauri Levenfeld, is dedicated to creating visual narratives that inspire, celebrate, and promote conversation. Most recently, during COVID, Lauri produced the winner of Best Experimental Film at LAFA, Mad World. 

Lauri was inspired by her mother to build communities and stories that empower women. Lauri founded The Project for Women and The Project for Girls in 2016 both emphasizing the influence and power of girls and women through her distinctive lens. She continues to produce fashion and portrait photography featured in publications such as Elle, Vogue, and Marie Claire. She most recently co-founded Project Mentor – a forum showcasing dynamic female leaders in fashion, technology, philanthropy, and entrepreneurship. 



Instagram: @laurilevenfeld




Website: The Project for Women

Project Mentor

Best Experimental Film at LAFA

Mad World Trailer

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