A Journey to Sobriety | Laura McKowen


Do you long for the freedom of a sober lifestyle in a world that constantly celebrates alcohol? Laura McKowen joins us in this conversation to share her own experience and journey to sobriety. By unraveling the complexities of societal pressures, Laura will guide you towards a life of clarity, strength, and sobriety. Get ready to discover the solution that will empower you to thrive in a society that may not fully understand the beauty of living alcohol-free.


“Leaving that mental door open just gave me a lot of freedom until eventually I knew I would never drink again.”

– Laura McKowen

About Laura McKowen

Laura McKowen is a powerful voice in the world of sobriety, providing guidance and support to individuals navigating the challenges of living in a society that normalizes alcohol consumption. With almost a decade of sobriety, Laura’s journey has been marked by honesty, vulnerability, and a deep understanding of the complexities of addiction. Through her writing and speaking engagements, Laura explores the connection between trauma and addiction, shedding light on the underlying reasons that drive individuals to seek solace in alcohol. 

Supportive Community 

Her relatable and compassionate approach offers a beacon of hope to those struggling with their own relationship with alcohol. With her platform, Laura has created a safe and supportive space for individuals to share their stories and find the strength to embark on their own path to sobriety. Her insights and experiences serve as a reminder that recovery is possible and that there is a vibrant and fulfilling life waiting beyond addiction.

Sobriety in a Society That Normalizes Alcohol:

Laura McKowen’s journey to sobriety began with a flood of questions. How did she end up in this place? Why was she the one with the problem while everyone else seemed to be able to drink without issue? And why was society so protective of alcohol, making it taboo to talk about the truth?

These questions consumed her, and in her search for answers, she turned to writing. Laura had always been a writer, using journals to navigate her emotions since she was nine years old. Writing helped her uncover the underlying reasons behind her drinking and provided a much-needed outlet for her struggles.

She started sharing her writings, initially with a lack of clarity about what she was going through, but as she continued on her path to sobriety, she became more open and transparent. It was through writing that Laura found her voice and began to speak her truth, no matter the consequences. Writing became her tool for self-discovery and healing, allowing her to shed the lies and embrace the power of honesty. And now, as an author, she uses her words to inspire and connect with others on their own journeys to sobriety.

You can read more about Laura’s writings at lauramckowen.com.

Overcoming Social Expectations and Pressures with Alcohol

The societal expectations and pressure to consume alcohol can quickly turn a casual drink into a perceived need. It becomes, distressingly, often easier to conform than question or challenge these deep-seated norms. Breaking this cycle requires a radical, conscious rethink of our personal choices and their alignment with societal expectations. 

Laura shares about the gripping social pressure to drink and the subsequent feeling of alienation for those choosing sobriety. Laura’s account provided a real-life illustration of social expectations and their impacts. Her story is a testament to the strength of will it takes to question and alter these deeply entrenched patterns. The conversation amplifies the urgent need for societal change and individual resolve in choosing sobriety.

If you’re struggling with alcohol, find support at aa.com or The Luckiest Club.


Laura’s Bio

Laura McKowen is the bestselling author of We Are The Luckiest: The Surprising Magic of a Sober Life and Push Off From Here: 9 Essential Truths to Get You Through Sobriety (and Everything Else). Laura is the Founder of The Luckiest Club, an international sobriety support

community, and has been published in The New York Times, and her work has been featured in The Atlantic, The Wall Street Journal, the TODAY show, and more. She lives outside Boston with her daughter and fiancé.


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We Are The Luckiest: The Surprising Magic of a Sober Life

The Luckiest Club



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